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~For the Health and Life of the Horse~

Advanced and Remote First Aid



Some people may find images on this page graphic.  These images are from Real Life situations that are covered in this course. 


When a vet is out of reach and you are facing a SERIOUS and LIFE THREATENING equine emergency, do you know what to do?

This full day course teaches horse owners what to expect and how to handle the most serious equine first aid situations.

For ONLY $159 (plus GST) you receive a Full First Aid Manual, all the Materials needed to work through some very INTENSE scenarios, a Normal/Abnormal Equine Vitals Barn Card, and a Certificate of Completion!


Sometimes even our own backyard can be considered REMOTE?


Do you know which plants are poisonous to horses when ingested or even just touched!  What about which can actually help you when resources are unavailable?


Everyone MUST complete the Equine Health and Emergency First Aid course BEFORE attending the Advanced and Remote First Aid course!


Do you know how to free your horse from an abandoned well?  How about when they are stuck in mud or a sink hole?


Learn what to do when your Horse is in serious risk of going into shock from burns and life threatening injuries.