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~For the Health and Life of the Horse~

Disaster Planning and Emergency Preparedness


This FULL day course is a MUST for everyone who works with Livestock!  With this course at ONLY $159 (plus GST), you will be ready for any disaster that comes your way!

BARN FIRES can happen to anyone! Through this course learn how they are caused and how they can be prevented, as well as what to do if you are ever faced with this incredible tragedy.  We also discuss other catastrophes like COLLAPSED BUILDINGS


You will also learn about what to do when hit by a NATURAL DISASTER such as a Tornado, Flood, etc... 


Are you ready to EVACUATE? Do you have a PLAN? Do you know WHERE you would go?

We discuss at great length how to develop a SAFE and EFFECTIVE evacuation plan when every second matters when faced with a GRASS FIRE!


There's that old saying "If you don't like the weather, Wait 5 Minutes" and in Manitoba that couldn't be more true!  Manitoba Weather can change SUDDENLY and DRASTICALLY!  

Be PREPARED for Blizzards, Thunderstorms, Hail/Ice Storms, Heat Waves, and Utility Outages.