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Meet the Horses


Meet our Lesson Horses!


Tornado is a 12 year old mare that came to Lily Ridge Ranch in the Fall of Last Year. She is a very special horse!  If she feels like you might be a bit nervous, she will adjust her movements and slow right down until she feels you relax.  This makes her an excellent horse for people to learn on!   


Dixie is a 16 year old Pinto-Appaloosa mare.  She was a Trail Horse at Miracle Ranch many years ago before she made a "career change" and became a Lesson Horse at Lily Ridge Ranch.  Dixie is a sweet, kind, gentle old girl!  She loves to be brushed and fussed over.  Especially if there are treats involved!


Sandy is a 15 year old little chestnut mare.  Before Sandy came to Lily Ridge Ranch, she worked as a guide horse at Bird's Hill Park Ranch.  She is a sweet and gentle girl that is quite happy to stand and be brushed and loved by anyone who is willing. Riding this little lady is like riding on on a cloud!  She is that smooth.


Willy is a 10 year old gelding that was purchased from the Grunthal Livestock Auction in the Fall of 2009.  He was originally bought as a companion/occasional trail horse for Peter.  Who knew he would turn out to be an active member of the Lily Ridge Ranch Lesson Team! Willy loves getting attention from anyone and everyone.  He is like a really BIG puppy!!!


Buzz is our resident pony.  He is about 15 years old and is the best pony anyone could wish to meet!  He actually belongs to Chelsey and Peter's 2 little boys but is used for lessons with the youngest/smallest students.  He is one little guy that is like a fuzzy, 4-legged babysitter.  Buzz LOVES kids! (...and grown ups too!)


We Have a Couple of Other Horses that are Equally as Important at Lily Ridge Ranch!



Lily is about 14 years old and was purchased by Chelsey more than 10 years ago as her first horse!  This little mare is what started it all for Chelsey.  And where the name Lily Ridge Ranch came from...

Lily can be a very sweet mare.  However, she can also be very stubborn and loves to go fast!  This is why Lily is not used in our lesson program.  She is used as one of our First Aid Horses though.


Maya is a 3 year old Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred/Paint filly.  She came to Lily Ranch in May of 2014.  This year will be a god year for the young lady.  Her training will kick into high gear!  Chelsey and Peter have big plans for Maya. This little girl has a HUGE heart and LOADS of character.  She adores people and is in your back pocket every chance she can get!


Comanche is a 10 year old gelding that has more than his fair share of quirks!  He came to Lily Ridge as a very nervous and untrusting horse.  Chelsey has been working on fixing this.  He is starting to get better but still has a ways to go.  His retraining will continue and hopefully one day he will become part of the Lily Ridge Ranch lesson team!  Just take it one day at a time.

***Note: This picture is from shortly after he arrived at Lily Ridge.  The halter had to be left on to be able to catch him.  He can now be left halter-free in the pasture as he continues to learn to trust again.