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~For the Health and Life of the Horse~

Safe Trailering Practices


For ONLY $159, participants will cover important TOPICS such as:

  • Different Styles of Horse and Livestock Trailers
  • Safety Checks/Walk Around of the Trailer and the Truck
  • Horse Comfort in the Trailer
  • Insurance and Manifest Requirements
  • Is your Truck Big Enough?
  • Tying Techniques
  • What to do in a Trailer Emergency


This is a FULL day course explains in detail what you need to know before hitting the road with your horse!


Each participant will receive a Safe Trailering Manual, a Waterproof Safety Checklist for both a Truck and Trailer, a Certificate upon Completion, and Lunch.

Each person will have the opportunity to assess the safety of an actual trailer as well as learn HANDS ON how to properly prepare a horse's legs for travel.