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At Lily Ridge Ranch, we strive to promote the health and well-being of horses through education and proper nutrition. We are proud to be a place where the differences in both horses and humans are recognized and celebrated as u​nique individuals. Our horses help people of all ages to heal emotionally and to grow as leaders.

Equi-Health Canada

Instructor Training

You are a strong, confident, passionate horse person with truck-loads of experience and a heart for helping horse owners give their horses the best life they possibly can! Join a team where you get to be exactly who you are. And, are celebrated for it!

Equi-Health Canada

Equine First Aid Courses

If you have been in the company of horses for any length of time, you know that most of them could hold a Ph.D. in 'Having Accidents.' So, what do you do when the unthinkable happens? How will you respond when disaster strikes?

Canine Health Canada

K9 First Aid Courses

Sometimes it might feel like no one is happier to see you than your dog. Your dog is your best friend, a member of your family! They have no problem making you laugh or letting you sob into their fur. They are always there for you. Will you be there for them?


Lily Ridge Ranch

Chelsey Westerbeek


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