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~For the Health and Life of the Horse~


Save Hay! - Save Time! - Save Money!

With hay becoming more expensive and, at times, difficult to find the last thing you want to see is wasted feed!  Eco Nets eliminates this waste while maintaining a more natural way of eating for your horse.  

  • Slows the Horse's Eating
  • Promote Proper Digestion
  • Reduces Stress
  • Manages Respiratory Problems 
  • Combats Boredom
  • Eliminates Wasted Hay!

The Knotted Netting makes the Eco Net more durable, allowing it to last longer. Nets come in 1" and 1.5" netting as well as Regular and Heavy Duty Strength in various sizes. 

Style/Size of Net:
1.5" HD 
 1" HD
Round Bale Nets
Large Square Bale Nets
Small Square Bale Nets
Half Bale Nets
Mini Nets

All Small Nets are available in Black, Blue, Green, Red, and Purple.

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