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Hoffman's Horse Products


Hoffman's Horse Products are Proudly 

100% Canadian.  

We Deliver Right to Your Door!


All of Hoffman's Horse Products are high in fibre and low in sugar and starch 

making them a safe and affordable choice for your equine partner.

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Maintenance Ration (20Kg)


Developer Ration (20Kg)


Senior Ration (20Kg)


Elite Ration (20Kg)


BalancIR Ration (20Kg)


Textured Ration (20Kg)


Crunchies (15Kg)


HaySaver (20Kg)


Hoffman's Mineral (20Kg)


Performance Mineral (20Kg)


ProFat Supplement (15Kg)


BiAaMuGen (5.5Kg)



Foal Milk Bits (6Kg)


Foal Milk Replacer (6Kg)


*Prices Subject to Change without Notice.


For details on any of these products, visit the Hoffman's Horse Products website.