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~For the Health and Life of the Horse~

Equi-Health Instructor Training


What if you could take your horse to work?


Join our team of dedicated instructors 

and start making a difference for horses!


Upcoming Training Dates:

March  29-31, 2019
Grunthal, MB (45 minutes south of Winnipeg)

All Applicants MUST demonstrate the following:

1. Must be over the age of 18 and be a high school graduate and have an acceptable level of experience and education.  

2. Must have significant experience and comfort in handling and working with horses.  This may be in a specific sport or discipline, breeding background, pleasure rider, groom, police work, or the like.

3. Must be able to participate in learning situations that require skills in observation, visual, auditory and tactile information gathering.

4. Must demonstrate the ability to safely perform hands on assessment/demonstration with a live horse, including feet and all parts of the body.

5. Must demonstrate the application of good judgement and prompt completion of all responsibilities attendant to the care and safety of both horse and human.

6. The job of being an instructor is physically demanding requiring heavy lifting, hours of standing and often dealing with high strung or injured animals. The candidate must be able to successfully meet the physical demands while still being fully alert and not under the influence of any medications that could impair reaction times and put student safety at risk.

6. Must adhere to the Equine First Aid Instructor Code of Ethics.

7. Must complete the Application Form in full and pay course fees prior to training date.

*Application does not guarantee acceptance. 

**Refunds will not be issued to failed students.